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Ziroli WWI Prop Hub Washer

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Ziroli WWI Prop Hub Washer


Ziroli WWI Prop Hub Washer

Engine sizes:

  •  Fits engines listed below or any engine  with 5mm or 10/32 six bolt hub with 29mm bolt pattern diameter and 10mm Prop shaft hole  
  • DA 85, DA 100L, DA 120
  • 3W 55i, 3W 75i, 3W 80i, 3W 85i, 3W100iB2, 3W106iB2
  • DLE 85, DLE 111
  • DLA 116

Key Benefits

  • Scale looking Front Prop Washer with raised nut and Smooth Rear Washer
  •  Larger area supporting the Prop
  •  Includes Fornt and Rear Washers  2 1/4" x 3/16"
  •  CNC Machined Aircraft Aluminum