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Mitsubishi Ki-15 "Babs" Plans

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Product ID: AND:KI15

 Mitsubishi Ki-15 "Babs" Plan Set

Design Specifications


Wingspan:     120" - 3.05m


Length:           83" - 2.11m


Weight:       30 lbs - 13.6K


Wing Area:       1900 sq in


Engine:         65cc - 100cc

Brief Aircraft History

For a brief period in 1937, the Mitsubishi Ki-15, code-named Babs by the Allies, was the fastest production aircraft in the world! The Ki-15 Karigane (Wild Goose) is a two-seat reconnaissance aircraft with a top speed of 300 mph.  Construction began in December 1935 and the prototypes exceeded all expectations.  About the same size as a P-47 Thunderbolt but only one-third as heavy, its range was four times that of a Spitfire and its ceiling was 6000 feet higher.  No fighter could catch it at the time.  


Mitsubishi Ki-15 "Babs" Plan Set


This is a full size printed set of Plans and other Documentation



For accessories needed to complete the model,  

such as Cowls, Canopies, Gear etc.,  go to mnbigbirds.com

David’s New Design is an Exact 1/4 Scale, suitable for competition and/or everyday enjoyment at the flying field.  David finished his award winning model after the second prototype version, named Kamikaze-Go.  This unique aircraft has a colorful background which is highlighted in the "Construction Summary" downloadable from the Mitsubishi Ki-15 Babs menu.


The Set Includes All of David Andersen Mitsubishi Ki-15 "Babs" Downloads Printed Full Size:


  • Shipped rolled in Cardboard Tube
  • 1 sheet of 4 views Printed full size
  • 3 sheets of Paint Masks Printed full size
  • 5 sheets of Drawings Printed full size
  • 85 page Construction Guide 8 1/2" X 11"

  • Table of Contents 


  • Fuselage Assembly 2                      Completion Views 60

  • Cowl Assembly 13                           In-Flight Photos 68

  • Canopy Construction 17                  Flying 70

  • Fiberglass Wheel Pants 21              Donald Thorpe Photos 72

  • Wooden Wheel Pants 26                 Full-size Photos 74

  • Fin & Rudder Assembly 31              Markings 77

  • Stab & Elevator Assembly 35           References 80

  • Wing Assembly 40                            Alternate Color Schemes 81

  • Surface Details 51                            Four-view Drawing 84

  • Parts List 57                                      Paint Masks 85

  • Modelers’ Comments 59