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Servoless Payload Release

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Product ID: HOR:EFLA405

Servoless Payload Release (EFLA405)

The E-flite® servoless payload release enables you to drop a single payload while in flight, or enables you to use multiple devices to drop multiple payloads using only one channel on your receiver. It can also be used as a tow release for sailplanes.




Servoless Payload Release (EFLA405)


Key Features


  • Plugs directly into the receiver using standard servo connectors
  • Connect and control multiple mechanisms with a single radio channel
  • One-by-one and programmed delay modes
  • Electronic and manual release mechanisms
  • Ready to use and easy to install
Current Draw: 100mA
Current Draw Idle: 6mA
Current Draw Stall: 350mA
Input Voltage: 4.8–8.5V