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BVM High Flow UAT

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BVM High Flow UAT


BVM High Flow UAT

Hi-Flow UAT with line reducer, 8mm tubing, 6mm tubing, fill plug

We have flown it extensively in every BVM factory demo jet and have tried every possible maneuver and unusual attitude combined with every possible throttle position - you just can't make it quit!
All BVM fuel cell packages (for BVM jets) now come standard with a U.A.T.
The mystery material, duck bill shaped sack inside will deliver a solid stream of fuel (no bubbles) to the fuel pump even if the 4oz bottle should get 3/4th's full of air, which is very unlikely.
This is a very high quality product for those turbine pilots who want to eliminate the possibility of an air bubble causing a flame out. The U.A.T. is placed in series between the last fuel tank and the fuel pump. The system is filled through the 3rd line in the U.A.T.
The rectangular shaped tank can be mounted vertically or horizontally and produce the same results making it convenient to fit into just about any model and it will work with any model size turbine engine.

Model: TA-SR-1001
Manufactured by: BVM